MJD, short: An Agnostic View

Awful stupid, them religious folk, especially the Catholics. Living in fear all their lives, looking up to an old fart, sitting on a thrown, paid for by contributory donations – mostly from old people. Don’t they know that mathematics makes the world go round’ – numbers – only numbers is what matters. Bank balance, bills,Continue reading “MJD, short: An Agnostic View”

MJD, short: The Lost Key

5am, them pair walked over 15000 steps today, their heels burning like mushrooms dropped in acid. It was the last walkabout, but the most gruesome; because night shifts aren’t easy anyway, but walking another 2000 steps, really dropped their jaws into exhaustion. Frank carried the bucket of symbolic plastic chains – these chains were approvedContinue reading “MJD, short: The Lost Key”

MJD, short: Manuel’s finger

Crouched over, hand on hip, with low levels of glucose, barely standing upright. Manuel was at the final hurdle of a long, hard, gruesome shift; each day becoming more punishing. Now 54 – and not in a prime state – he watched his old “Work buddies” sling rusty old wheel rims, into a huge garbageContinue reading “MJD, short: Manuel’s finger”

MJD, short: Death – I can see it, it’s right there, look . . .

It’s standing there, right in the corner, very upright and long. 8 feet tall with a black wollen hood that drapes over wide plank like shoulders. Thick welted skin covers the large hands; wrapped around a wooden cane make from oak wood; a hook blade attached so sharp it could slice through bone. The shadowedContinue reading “MJD, short: Death – I can see it, it’s right there, look . . .”

MJD, short: Odd, but nice. Interesting, but troublesome

Often Interesting people have a way of attracting the most troublesome of clouds towards their life.  Clouds filled with rain droplets that can peirce the skin it falls on. They can manage creativity, and imagination; like when an artist knows exactly what shade of blue to use when touching up a seascape portrait, or whenContinue reading “MJD, short: Odd, but nice. Interesting, but troublesome”

MJD, short: Onion – “I’m an onion – I’m da nunion”

“Ahhh here, leave it bleedin ouuu… I’m feelin like an nunion.” Wrapped up like an onion, in a black fur coat from penny’s. Something that most likely a poor Indonesian sowed together with their little young bare hands. Synthetic fabrics running through there breakfast, creating inflammation and sickness, in the mind and soul. While IContinue reading “MJD, short: Onion – “I’m an onion – I’m da nunion””

MJD, short: Mushrooms – “Were left in the dark out there, like bleedin mushrooms.”

Every so often I hear what I call “Word gems,” these are a string of words, verbs, nouns, adjectives, all put together in a fashion that make up for a striking story. Mostly unknown to the speaker, which makes it even better! so when I hear them, I make a point of remembering and writing about them,Continue reading “MJD, short: Mushrooms – “Were left in the dark out there, like bleedin mushrooms.””