I can see it, it’s right there, look…

It’s standing there, right in the corner, very upright and long. 8 feet tall with a black wollen hood that drapes over wide plank like shoulders. Thick welted skin covers the large hands; wrapped around a wooden cane make from oak wood; a hook blade attached so sharp it could slice through bone. The shadowedContinue reading “I can see it, it’s right there, look…”

Odd, but nice. Interesting, but troublesome.

Often Interesting people have a way of attracting the most troublesome of clouds towards their life.  Clouds filled with rain droplets that can peirce the skin it falls on. They can manage creativity, and imagination; like when an artist knows exactly what shade of blue to use when touching up a seascape portrait, or whenContinue reading “Odd, but nice. Interesting, but troublesome.”