Short Stories


The Culler: Episode 1

A city culler; a raven; an old friend, and his loving younger sister. When evil meets karma, justice unfolds.

The Culler: Episode 2

The culler is the alpha, with external ego’s looking to take his appointment. JC sticks to his stead fast morals and crosses tracks with the new law in town.

The Sundance Brawl

The final hurrah, the send off. A final bout with gloves by a strong, resilient woman. This boxing match of the granny’s holds no logical rules. Mary was as strong in the boxing ring, as she was in the struggle of her flourishing life.

The Homeless Agnostic

Joe “Windbox” Dudley is down on his luck, and has lost all hope; his mother’s hand is no longer there to catch him fall. A bus ride turns into a committal for poor Joe.

The Crash

Drink Driving is illegal, drug driving even more: A young lad tips his stolen car over a roundabout, rendering his car – junk. He his stuck in the event he created and has a critical decisions to make. People stop, then swiftly move on. Only for the law to follow.

The Man Who Works In a Bin

Billy Jackson was a grafter, exploited by corporate greed and a sociopathic boss. Devoted to living a simple life, it became his behemoth.

The Lost Key (Published to WordPress)

Manuel’s Finger (Published to WordPress)

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