MJD, poem: Thoughts’ of Modernity

Thoughts’ of modernity An insulating coldness runs through,Watching the illusion of life rushing the framework.Scuttling to and fro. Aiming for goals which bare no length.The possessions remaining;While the worms glee. Action brings peace; unattainable in mortality.Intervention too late, too less.Pillows of stillness wrappings;Bolstered by beautiful oak.

MJD, spoken word: Religion

Not a word of Religion – well – Religion is a language, isn’t it? The words of God’s, kings, apostles and heretics; all compiled into a Britannica of stories – breeding fear into mortal souls. Thousand-year-old scriptures’ – containing what one should do in any given situation; how one should act, dress, eat and sleep.Continue reading “MJD, spoken word: Religion”

MJD, short: An Agnostic View

Awful stupid, them religious folk, especially the Catholics. Living in fear all their lives, looking up to an old fart, sitting on a thrown, paid for by contributory donations – mostly from old people. Don’t they know that mathematics makes the world go round’ – numbers – only numbers is what matters. Bank balance, bills,Continue reading “MJD, short: An Agnostic View”

MJD, poem: Cycle

A feeling pushed, neither here nor there.Waiting for clarity, like the twinkled bay.Pondering the classes; hidden begrudge.A pint of black and a warm fire; calming the senses. You’re out, you’re in. Flowing cycle down the still gleaming canal.Watching ghosts. Serenity is a goal for the god’s. Unattainable, working class; trouble is life, and life isContinue reading “MJD, poem: Cycle”

MJD, poem: Blasphemous Priest

Blasphemous Priest. A Priest named Pat, often tipped his hat. Outside of robes, Costume and pray. He cast a Friendly way. Pat so old, as the old birch tree, planted before, he Came to be. Daily he walks beneath the leaves, wondering when, The lord he will see. An apparition: a young sweet boy, wantingContinue reading “MJD, poem: Blasphemous Priest”