MJD, spoken word: Religion

Not a word of Religion – well – Religion is a language, isn’t it?
The words of God’s, kings, apostles and heretics; all compiled into a Britannica of stories – breeding fear into mortal souls.
Thousand-year-old scriptures’ – containing what one should do in any given situation; how one should act, dress, eat and sleep.
A set of rules contained in a little book called the bible – translated or ‘interpreted’ into various forms: Christianity, Catholicism, Islamic, Jewish and the likes.
It serves their followers in a guiding light kind of way; an absolution from earthly failures; a chance of repentance, and everlasting life – in a place far beyond the struggles we have – here on planet earth.
What failures our ancient fellow men and women have made, neatly compiled and categorized into a – simple – pocketbook. Written in fine prose – must I say – just for the oul – added pizzazz.

Published by MJDWRITES

Thinker, fantasiser, reader, writer.

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