Book review – The Hero

Post No 7. 19/5/21

Book review – Lee Child – The Hero.

Well… I suppose when I picked up this book I immediately thought, ‘yes, perfect, a book that will give me the exact low down and details required to make up the most page turning hero’. And coming from an established author, sure what else would you think. This short black hardcover book with excellent cover imagery, drew my attention right over to it, obviously I was in the fiction section. But this book is nonfiction, or is it? No it is…wait it’s not!

This is what I was left with over the course of the book, it was an absolute page turner! Child most likely forecasted the book as if ok… ‘The Hero’. My fans and inspiring writers will buy and read this because they imagine it will give the perfect outlay into creating a ‘Hero’ from thin air, well imagination. And in a mildly amusing way it absolutely does that.

The storyline is a narrative of the whereabouts the word ‘Hero’ came from, how it developed, and evolved into what we know today. He delves way back into stone age evolution and the theory of language, the finite use of words; a world were fiction was not necessary for communication, and the basis of fiction was yet to be understood. A world were only absolute truth was required. The development of the spoken language at some point took a turn, is what I took from it. Which impacted the natural evolution of the human species.

Did fiction shape the world we live in now? Are we just a product of developmental fiction?

From the beginnings of early medication; heroin, morphine, codeine and the likes. The chemists that were brave enough to experiment against popular belief that they could produce something to ease the pain and suffering of human mankind. Were these men Hero’s?

From the Natural evolution of men and more importantly women, as he refers to his grandmother throughout the book and her connected line of ancestry. Are these women the hero’s?

Is the creation of fiction and more importantly – Mass fiction, the underpinning of the ‘Hero’. Fyi… This emphasis Struck a significant chord I’m my mind and definitely make me think.

The book leaves you as open ended as it is written, and makes you think about why we actually call someone a hero, because, nowadays it seems there is an open ended catalogue on why someone can be one? How is this? Why can so many be labelled a hero.

Because it’s fiction. Yes there is a few key markers that will broadly define a ‘Hero’. Like, facing adversity in the face of evil; having courage to fight for a cause; suffering or even death for the sake of others. All admirable. And somewhat necessary, but as time has gone by, the loss of the true meaning has come to fruition.

A ‘Hero’ is what the mass want it to be, in their own minds and imagination. A ‘Hero’ will suit any label or narrative the human race want it to be… Because, it’s all fiction.

So go, write your ‘Hero’, because at the end of the day, your only limited to your imagination

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