MJD, short: Odd, but nice. Interesting, but troublesome

Often Interesting people have a way of attracting the most troublesome of clouds towards their life.  Clouds filled with rain droplets that can peirce the skin it falls on. They can manage creativity, and imagination; like when an artist knows exactly what shade of blue to use when touching up a seascape portrait, or when a writer makes his words flow like a meandering river.

A smooth flow comes into their work; in the zone as athletes call it. It’s beautiful to read or watch, or hear. But every now and then, creativity brings trouble, conflict, passion, addiction, and chaos persues. Intelligence in a certain field can almost bring ignorance with it, as the brain of the person involved with creating something becomes tunnel visioned; blindsided and focused. Life could be passing by at 100 miles per hour, but inside their head, time stands still. At that’s the catch, their eye is firmly taken off the ball of life, focus is solely on 1 thing, and 1 thing only. That piece of work they create with all their passion, love and spirit. The excitement; invigoration; the sense of making something up from absolutely thin air, it brings them to life.

And all the while the alternative reality of life is ticking by…the politics of daily life still remains, the petty day to day life chores that don’t get done or actioned, still remains. Building up like a pile of aniexiety pill boxes, neatly stacked in the corner. The world is made to create a natural flow of life, but somehow at sometime us humans have become to our own creation.

The true spirit and soul of life is lost. Creativity brings pleasure and pain. Like the ancient Tao – Ying Yang philosophy. To live with one you must accept the other. But now the other is taking over, and soon a fate of microchipped mindless structured, scheduled; predictability, will be the way. With not much room for creativity and imagination. Can robot’s produce works of art, or literature, or even write a play? Maybe they can, but do we really want that. Surely the self sustaining and pro-creating drive of the human soul must have the self control to say no. Maybe?

Published by MJDWRITES

Thinker, fantasiser, reader, writer.

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