MJD, short: Death – I can see it, it’s right there, look . . .

It’s standing there, right in the corner, very upright and long. 8 feet tall with a black wollen hood that drapes over wide plank like shoulders. Thick welted skin covers the large hands; wrapped around a wooden cane make from oak wood; a hook blade attached so sharp it could slice through bone. The shadowed hood casts a dark smog over half the face, eyes greyed over to cover up and sign of mortality.

“He’s standing right there, I can see him, he’s been in that God damn corner for days now.”

“Who…who are you talking about.”

“I don’t know who he is, how the hell would I know, he just appeared there 3 days ago.”

“you’re scaring me man…I can’t see anyone, you’ve been layed up so long..maybe your starting to see things.”

“Well he’s there, I’m not going crazy…I can see him, he’s there…silent…dark…and tall. Maybe he’s my maker… Maybe it’s time to say goodbye.”

“Jesus… If it’s to be…let it be. If this vision is my spiritual maker…let it be.”

“ok…I can see what your saying to me now…I see it…I believe you…let go. Be at peace.”

A quiet peace fell over the room, not a sound to be heard; the clocks stopped. The tall dark man imploded into a cyclone vortex of disappearing energy. A white light so powerful shone. The flowers in the vase in the opposite corner wilted with sorrow. Times gone.

Published by MJDWRITES

Thinker, fantasiser, reader, writer.

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