MJD, short: Mushrooms – “Were left in the dark out there, like bleedin mushrooms.”

Every so often I hear what I call “Word gems,” these are a string of words, verbs, nouns, adjectives, all put together in a fashion that make up for a striking story. Mostly unknown to the speaker, which makes it even better! so when I hear them, I make a point of remembering and writing about them, which I already explained in the previous post, so I am now repeating myself.

So, the basis of this story is that if a person is left uninformed, surprised, excluded, neglected, omitted, you see where I’m going with this, that they should correlate themselves to mushrooms, How I ask? The comment “were left in the dark out there, like bleedin mushrooms” – absolute cracking comment I must add!! – makes for a good story, and a quick perception into the mind of who said it. Drawing similarities between being uninformed or left out, to being a mushroom…wow.., I couldn’t stop the laughter, you know the type of laughter that renders you uncapable of even sitting up straight, tears building up in your lower eyelids, laughing so much you stop making any noise whatsoever, brilliant,! absolutely brilliant.

Back to the key question, how? why? what the hell does he be thinking when he thinks of mushrooms? and even better, be able to call himself and attribute an emotional state to being an actual human mushroom? Well I can only presume his view on a mushroom, is something that gets left in the dark, that grows on logs and piles of cow shit, an object that belongs in a deep-dark forest, something that gets left out and is absolutely not connected to anything going on in the real world, and something that is as stupid as it sounds.

That would be my best guess! But what I see in that comment is the Irony. Yes, mushrooms are basically fungi, and yes, they do live in isolated areas, outside of the “Normal world.” In deep woods and high mountain forestry, but, if he really knew what goes on with a mushroom, maybe, just maybe, he also would see the irony. Fortunately for mushrooms they are actually the most connected and informed species of all, yes! They sit on a bed of mycelium that sends back the info they need for basically everything around them. Kind of like their own web of internet!! And with this information feedback they can know what’s going on, without the need for someone to say something, or call, text, email, whatsoever.

So what I’m left with is. Something funny to remember, write about, and now use my creative imagination on how I can create a giant human like mushroom character with arms and legs, that is emotionally unstable, sensitive, a bit of a joker, and wants to come out of the woods to live a sociable, informed life. Voila, Tom, the human mushroom.

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