Post No 3. 22/4/21

A pause in the park, beside the sea

Sometimes I like to listen to people when they tell a story, like really, really listen, if I think that their story may have legs of humour, conflict or something that may be worth writing about, ill remember it and then write it down, and now ill probably post some of the better ones on this blog. The reason I do this is because its interesting and funny to listen to some of the Dublin humour and banter that can come from so left field, it nearly belongs in a script. I am pretty sure some of them don’t have the faintest clue that they are funny or in some cases, actually have a very valid point, and then some are just uninformed with a hint of motivated reasoning for self validation.. and pretty racist, from a total outsiders perspective obviously!! Also these stories can fuel the imagination and lead to some pretty decent creative writing, I suppose in my own way its like doing some research into what people are generally talking about, which mostly is influenced by the current news, political affairs, or just their own general life status.

So here’s some conversations I heard, I was on my way into work to start a shift, I had been cycling in recently, every shift, it sets me up for the day, so I stopped to finish off a coffee I bought on the way in, just of the Grand Canal, a nice dark roast, so strong it tasted like tobacco, you know you scored a good coffee when the bitter smell widens the pupils when inhaled through the nose!!. I stopped off before I got to work on a park-side bench that overlooks Dublin Bay, it was an absolute cracker of a day, the heat was good, sun was out, and the glare of the sea from the sun warranted shades to be worn. People were out, all bustling about and ready to take on their walks like there was no tomorrow, they had their dogs, kids, sisters, brothers and grandparents with them, most people were in pairs as obviously that is were the conversations I listen to come form, anyone on their own talking to themselves mostly has a different shade to the story, if you know what I mean. Anyway I have set and described the scene now….on with the story.

 Mother - Its an absolute disgrace the way the government have this bleedin country in, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Daughter - Ahh tell me about it ma, Janice was telling me about how she's been on the housing list for 5 years and she hasn't had a bleedin thing happen for her, all the bleedin foreigner's are coming in and taken up the whole bleedin lot!!!

Mother - Ahh I know, tell me abou it.

Daughter - Do ya know she was telling me there is a new family that just moved in 5 doors up, bleedin disguted she was, a paki family, about bleeding 60 of them, all arrived up in a bleedin space-wagon.

Mother - Ahh yar Jokin..

Daughter - Yea...., now in all fairness the council did let her have a look into the gaf but she didnt like the shape of the rooms and back door wasn't big enough for what she likes, so she said no..., im not takin that bleedin kip.

Mother - she was right..fuckin shockin state of the places, sure only the bleedin foreigner's would live in a kip like that.

Daughter - Ahh, its the blacks, there bleedin everywhere, there gettin houses left, right and centre, and im sittin around rejecting places left right and centre while their all gettin gafs... im sick of the jasis thing.

Another male passes by with a friend - I have been hiring and firing for 20 years now, and its just what you have to do, but when I am hiring a new guy, or even someone already on the payroll, I have always had the moral stance that "if a guy can cheat on his wife, he will cheat on you" and I stand by that basis when I choose someone or have to give them a review, because it matters, if your going to trust this person with other staff or even worse "your money", how could you trust a cheat.

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