New Idea.. hmm

So I was thinking about how I can be absolutely fully original with all my content, my writing, my book cover choice and some illustrations for my short stories. I already know that I will be using my own photography for all of my books, the shots will come from various places I typically go when I am out and about (need to invest in a decent camera!!), and that all of my writing will be coming from my own brain, so check on that one, my editing and proof-reading, ill worry about that after I get into my writing ass groove, but, now I am left with my short stories. what shall I do to make them come alive to the reader even more, not that i want to detract from the story, but i want to build visual depth, a burning ember of a character into the readers mind, something that the reader will imagine when he puts his head on the pillow at night, closes his eyes, POP!! there it is, as clear as day, a visual to match the story.

So to cut a long story short, I am going to invest in a digital drawing tablet and software for self illustration content to go along with my characters and scene descriptions, my goal would be to try it out with my short stories first then see where it goes after that. Also its a whole new learning, a skill, I don’t see it as a task, as it is a creation of my own, just like writing, its a passion of mine, so why cant some cool funky drawings go along with it.

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